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10 Frame - Apiary Hive Kit, Assembled

Price: $315.00
In Store Pick Up*
Commercial Grade

Complete 10 Frame Hive Kit includes:
     1   Screened Bottom Board
     1   Entrance Reducer            
     2   Deep Box (9 5/8")                  
     20 Deep Frame, Wood w/ beeswax coated plastic foundation    
     2   Medium Super (6 5/8")             
     20 Medium Frame, Wood w/ beeswax coated plastic foundation 
     1   Queen Excluder, Plastic              
     1   Inner Cover                                
     1   Outer Cover w/Telescoping Metal Top 

*Assembled:  In Store Pick Up
(We ship all boxes unassembled because it's the most cost effective. 
Should you choose for us to ship them assembled, give us a call and we'll be happy to give you a shipping quote.)

Made in New Hampshire, USA USA


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