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Honey B Healthy, 2 oz.

Price: $4.50
2 ounce plastic bottle.
Helps promote healthy, vigorous hives by boosting the honeybees' immune systems.
Used in feeders, it helps prevent mold and fungus.
Uses:  As a feeding stimulant during early spring, fall* or dearths of nectar.  Helps
when used as a spray in sugar water, instead of smoke, to calm bees and to
combine weak colonies.  Also, spraying on new plastic foundation encourages
  • 1-2 tsp. per quart for feeding
  • 4 tsp. per quart for drenching  (use drench dose when using as a spray to calm the beesor entice bees to work plastic foundation)
  • For drenching, apply 8 oz of mixed product (depending on size of the colony) 3-4 times a few days apart to the brood area by spraying or drizzling the mix on the bees and between the brood frames.  
Ingredients:  Sucrose, Water, Spearmint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Lecithin.

*If using in the fall, take care to prevent robbing with robbing screens etc.