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We are pleased to introduce the new owners of Hampshire Hives, Dave and Pat Kettle; effective December 15, 2023. Dave and Pat will be expanding their woodenware production capacity at their current business location, Melody Hope Apiaries in  Plainfield, Connecticutt. All production in Gilsum has ceased as equipment and limited inventory are relocating to the new shop with production restart planned for early January. Dave and Pat plan to continue production under the name Hampshire Hives with the same high quality woodenware and personalized customer service you deserve. Check this website often for updates. New contact information wll be published soon. 

To our customers and frends:

Alison and I, along with our dedicated crew; Janine, Bill, and Sally, thank you for your support over the past 15 years as we built our hobby into a business supporting other beekeepers.  We are convinced Dave and Pat are the right folks to move Hampshire Hives forward. Please consider supporting their adventure as you have support ours. 

Thank you,